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Definition of terrorism

The definition of terrorism : It is the unconventional use of violence for political gain. It is a strategy of using coordinated attacks that fall outside the laws of war represent the bounds of conventional warfare.

Terrorist Groups

A summarizes of various factions active in Iraq, circa September 2004.
The groups are listed in MILNET's Foreign Terrorist Group Profiles

Should the War on Terrorism Target Iraq

Should the War on Terrorism Target Iraq?
Implementing a Bush Doctrine on Deterrence


The American debate where the fight against terrorism should go next. So the President of the USA make war against Iraq. He must do something, because his image is very bad.
So Iraq has bad carts. The leader, Saddam Hussein, threats his people and his neigbors.
The USA use millitary power and targeting Iraq.

Iraq and terrorism

The hardest example for terrorism in the last time was the terror attack on september 11,2001.There,two plains were flying directly into the twin towers.in this time they were lots of people in the towers and after half an hour both towers lost structural integrity and fell down killing almost 3,000 people within.
After this attack the USA was shocked and hopless.now the word terrorism has since this date a new meaning.the people all over the world pay more attention and you can really say they have panic.since this time george W. bush is fighting against terrorism all over the world.the opinions about this are very different because it costs lots of lifes.now what to do?Build a new world trade center?is it safer than the last?
an other question is:can you combat terrorism or is this the reason for the next terrorism?

Terror since 11. September 2001

  • 11.September 2001, planes crashed the World Trade Center, 3000 People died;
  • since 2002, terrorism in Afghanistan, thousands died;
  • 11.April 2002, Truck exploded in Djerba Tunisia, 21People died;
  • 12. October 2002, bomb in Disco in Bali Indonesia, 202 People died;
  • since May 2003, terrorism in Iraq, tentousands died;
  • 12.May 2003, bomb in Riad Saudi-Arabia, about 20 People died;
  • 16. May 2003, bomb in Casablanca Marocco, 33 People died;
  • 8. November 2003, bomb in Riad Saudi-Arabia, about 20 people died;
  • 15. and 20. November 2003, carbombs in Istambul Turkey, 57 people died;
  • 6. Febrary 2004, bomb in Moskau Russia, 41 people died;
  • 1. September 2004, people were kidnapped in Beslan Russia, 330 People died;
  • 11.Mach 2004 ,bombs in Madrid, 191 Poeple died;
  • 7. July 2005, bombs in London, 56 People died and over 700 People were injured;

These are the terrorism assaults since the assault of the World Trade Center and there were a lot of assaults bevor. So what people do these things? They shuld be killed, but when you want to kill them you kill most a lot of civilists and that is not good, so what can we do? I think we can much do, but we can't make war!!!!

iraq + terrorism

Terrorism, this word has got a very new meaning for people all over the world since the 11. September 2001, when terrorists attackt the twin towers with plains. About 3000 Peaoples were killed in this act, which shockt the whole world.

Since this time, George W. Bush is fighting cruel against the terror. Today the world is looking mainly on the iraq war. It begins when americans found (wanted to find) nuclear weapons in iraq which were forbidden. But Bush's critics say, that he's only interessted in the oil, the iraq has!

The main problem with the terrorists is, that this people often live in other countries but work and do anything for their mother land and their religion. They get a special training and weapons from leeders of their groups. A popular terroristic group for example is Al-Kaida. The leaders like Osama Bin Laden push their follower to do terroristic acts.

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