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terror -war against

War against terror

war against terror still become popular since a plane crushed into the twin towers of the world trade centre on semptember 11th 2001. Up from then, the us-politicans spread a worldwide anti-terror programm. The main enemy is the muslim world, especially the fundamentalists. They are organized in groups and want to harm the usa, because they see it as their enemy. But also in Britain, a close partner to the usa, the fundamentalists planned and started assaults against civil poeple. Al Qaeda, the most famous organisation, and it's head osama bin laden are the enemys nr.1 of us resident bush.
The scare for other assaults because of religious differents and also the possible lost of oil sources, the most imported raw material, the us-politicans pefere war to solve these "problems".
I think this war isn't the right way to find a solution for this problem. On the other hand i see with horror what is happening today. Muslims burning down embassys and flags of western countries becaus of the publication of cartoons about the Islam.


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