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Terror since 11. September 2001

  • 11.September 2001, planes crashed the World Trade Center, 3000 People died;
  • since 2002, terrorism in Afghanistan, thousands died;
  • 11.April 2002, Truck exploded in Djerba Tunisia, 21People died;
  • 12. October 2002, bomb in Disco in Bali Indonesia, 202 People died;
  • since May 2003, terrorism in Iraq, tentousands died;
  • 12.May 2003, bomb in Riad Saudi-Arabia, about 20 People died;
  • 16. May 2003, bomb in Casablanca Marocco, 33 People died;
  • 8. November 2003, bomb in Riad Saudi-Arabia, about 20 people died;
  • 15. and 20. November 2003, carbombs in Istambul Turkey, 57 people died;
  • 6. Febrary 2004, bomb in Moskau Russia, 41 people died;
  • 1. September 2004, people were kidnapped in Beslan Russia, 330 People died;
  • 11.Mach 2004 ,bombs in Madrid, 191 Poeple died;
  • 7. July 2005, bombs in London, 56 People died and over 700 People were injured;

These are the terrorism assaults since the assault of the World Trade Center and there were a lot of assaults bevor. So what people do these things? They shuld be killed, but when you want to kill them you kill most a lot of civilists and that is not good, so what can we do? I think we can much do, but we can't make war!!!!


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