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iraq + terrorism

Terrorism, this word has got a very new meaning for people all over the world since the 11. September 2001, when terrorists attackt the twin towers with plains. About 3000 Peaoples were killed in this act, which shockt the whole world.

Since this time, George W. Bush is fighting cruel against the terror. Today the world is looking mainly on the iraq war. It begins when americans found (wanted to find) nuclear weapons in iraq which were forbidden. But Bush's critics say, that he's only interessted in the oil, the iraq has!

The main problem with the terrorists is, that this people often live in other countries but work and do anything for their mother land and their religion. They get a special training and weapons from leeders of their groups. A popular terroristic group for example is Al-Kaida. The leaders like Osama Bin Laden push their follower to do terroristic acts.


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