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Back to Iraq 3.0: Update on Shi'ite clash: "The clashes last night erupted because Moqtada?s people were demonstrating at the same time and near another demonstration by residents of Najaf who were protesting the lack of aid in rebuilding their homes and city. "

Iraqi Bloggers Central: The Cruelty of Mercy:
The Trouble With the Sunni Arabs
The Potential For Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq
: "The Cruelty of Mercy:
The Trouble With the Sunni Arabs
The Potential For Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq"

Informed Comment: "
Reuters reports that Muqtada al-Sadr's supporters rallied in 8 cities on Friday, totaling a hundred thousand demonstrators in all. They chanted against the new constitution, which they characterized as an American-authored document."

Iraqi In America: Queen Amidela's Weekly Report: "Yesterday, I sent Queen Amidela an e-mail asking her about the clashes between Badr brigades and Sadr militia in Basra as reported in the Iraqi media. Yesterday afternoon, she sent me back this reply:"

No Pain No Gain: What IS Going ON?: "Well the Gaza pullout has been happening over the last few days and I am finding itrather unbarable in both ends. Jews deserve a home as much as Palestinians do. Historyshows that both sides deserve it yet, they each want the whole of it and resist on agreeing to a deal."

Raed in the Middle: The Third Deadline: "This is another chance for the US administration to admit the Iraqi-project failure, and it?s another chance for the weak and collapsing governing institutions in Iraq to re-start the entire political process, and change it from the current imposed and imported practice to a locally borne one."

A Line In The Sand: Some Soldiers Mom: "Some Soldiers Mom, a magnificent woman who I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours with on the Web of Support tour, has faced an extremely difficult 24 hours. Her son was seriously injured in Iraq, suffering a spinal injury in an IED blast. Updates continue to come in, but please keep Noah in your prayers as well as his family, they need all the support they can get. Visit Some Soldier Mom here: http://somesoldiersmom.blogspot.com/."

shut up you fat whiner!: "the next dedication goes out to the National Assembly and everybody involved in the Constitution writing process, may the power to extend extension endlessly be with you.

You will you won't
You do you don't
You're saying you will
But you know you won't"

Steven Kiel: Leave: "At one point I was awake for more than 24 hours, sitting through briefings in Kuwait. Later we stood outside for more than an hour. It was 120 in the shade and we were in the sun, carrying our bas with us. I really felt bad for the people who had to sit next to us on the plane. "

FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - Disputed Iraq Constitution Moves Ahead: "Disputed Iraq Constitution Moves Ahead"