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Hammorabi: "The way that the matters move in Iraq indicates that the terrorists have penetrated well the system of not only the interim Iraqi government but the coalition forces as well.

The Dutch troops have received many threats to kill them up to the top level in the forces inside Holland. Some of these threats came as telephone calls to their private phones or as messages inside their mobile phones or to their emails."

Occupation Watch:?US, Iraqis storm city controlled by rebels: "US, Iraqis storm city controlled by rebels
100 insurgents said to die in Samarra
by Thanassis Cambanis, Boston Globe
October 2nd, 2004

BAGHDAD -- American and Iraqi forces seized control of key sections of the northern city of Samarra yesterday, killing about 100 insurgents and capturing 37 in fierce street-to-street combat, an Iraqi minister and the US military said."