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shut up you fat whiner!: "would you keep those fucking bullets awat from my friend for fuck's sake..."


Mustang in Iraq: "1.8 Billion lost and counting...
1.8 billion dollars. The number just sounds awesome. Say it: B-I-L-L-I-O-N. Think on this: I have worked in banking. I know from experience that 1 million dollars in $100 bills weighs 45 pounds, roughly 22 kilos. Now multiply that by 180, and you have the weight of 1 billion dollars, in hundred dollar bills. "

Raed in the Middle: "Kofi decided to wake up today, and to announce that the war on Iraq is/was illegal"

Healing Iraq: "I have to shed light on something that has been bothering me for quite some time. Events over the last six months or so seem to indicate a developing pattern of the violence in Iraq. Simply put, when there is a surge of violence in the south, it completely ceases in other areas of Iraq, and vice versa. In other words, whenever Sadr takes a rest, Zarqawi comes into action again."


Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Thirteen die in US attack on Baghdad crowd: "Thirteen die in US attack on Baghdad crowd

Allawi says Saddam trial will go ahead despite rising violence

Rory McCarthy and Luke Harding in Baghdad
Monday September 13, 2004"

The Questing Cat: " I hate Hope. I think it's one of the worst words in this or any other language. This is the pessimist coming out in me, the black, leather-clad side of the coin."

An Appeal for the Release the Italian and Iraqi Aid Workers Abducted in Baghdad