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Dagger JAG: 09/01/2004 - 09/30/2004: "The three scenarios mentioned as possible outcomes in Iraq are certainly the most widely accepted theories: (...)
Let me propose another possibility based on my own limited observation of what has and hasn't worked over here."

This is NOT about so-called 'oppressed' Chechens or 'hostage takers' - as CNN and the AP calls them (or 'Russian Rebels' - calls the NYT) - who claim that this is simply the continued fight for the 'independence' of a Chechen state. This was about terrorism and revenge, and will continue to be in the future. "

IRAQ THE MODEL: "In an announcement for a group of (Hawza) clerics (on New Sabah website) the clerics expressed their strong rejection to the atrocities Muqtada and his Mehdi army comitted in Najaf."


Back to Iraq 3.0: Chalabi Charges Dropped?: "What the hell? I went to the ? I assumed ? stupendously boring Ahmed Chalabi press conference this afternoon and it went something like this:
Chalabi: I was attacked this morning, but I?m fine, thanks.
Question: Can you tell us about the counterfeiting charges against you and the murder rap against your nephew?
Chalabi: Oh, those? (chuckle.) They were reduced to a summons. I went to the judge (al-Malaki) today and all charges have been dropped against us.

This was in Arabic, and I?m obviously paraphrasing, but that was the gist of it. But jeeze; what the hell? Dropped charges? I?ve got a call in to al-Malaki, but so far, no response on this. I wonder if it?s just a translation error. Very weird.
[UPDATE: Ho, ho. Turns out Chalabi asked that the charges be dropped ? not that they were.]
Posted by Christopher at September 1, 2004 07:45 PM

Iraq calling: 09/01/2004 - 09/30/2004: The news this week was depressing. The attack in Russia was very disturbing, the images were heartbreaking. Its a dark thing that the terrorists have passed the last psychological barrier between humanity and acting like rabid dogs.

Today in Iraq: "Another Bush lie exposed. ?United Nations' chief weapons inspector has concluded there is no evidence that Iraq ever developed unpiloted drones capable of discharging chemical and biological weapons agents on enemy targets. The Bush administration cited the threat that Iraqi drones could be used in such attacks on U.S. cities in making its case for invading Iraq, but U.S. weapons inspectors in Iraq challenged those claims after the U.S.-led invasion. The CIA's top weapons expert in Iraq, Charles Duelfer, revived the debate, telling Congress last April that the group overseeing the U.S.-led hunt for Iraqi weapons had found evidence of advances in the development of Iraqi drones that were not reported to the United Nations.?"

Hello From the land of the Pharaohs Egypt: "Egyptian-born and Qatari-based prominent sunni cleric Youssef Qardawi issued a fatwa declaring that it is a must to kill American civilians in Iraq because they are 'invaders' just like the army. The fatwa was issued in a meeting with the Egyptian journalist syndicate here in Cairo."

Reports AugSept04: Nablus: "The Huwara checkpoint which guards Nablus is the worst I've seen yet. At least 20 or 30 soldiers, guns pointing at the men, women and children waiting in the hot sun at the checkpoint. I tried to go through, but as I'd been told to expect the answer was no, internationals are not allowed into Nablus. The army doesn't want the world to see what's going on there. "

A star from Mosul: "And when the bombing is over, I continue my sleep easily.

I sleep upstairs in my bed-room now. And the family faces a difficulty waking me up in the morning or for the morning's prayer. "

Hammorabi: "The reports about the capture of Eizat Dori deputy of Saddam are still conflicting. After the Iraqi government confirmed the capture they come back this evening and deny it! It seems to be we have to wait and see whether they are dealing with different person and waiting for the DNA before the final say or not!"

Electronic Iraq: What's New?: "Yet another bomb has exploded in our neighbourhood of Kerrada, Baghdad. This roadside bomb killed 2 Iraqis and Injured 8 - 10. The American soldiers, and Iraqi Police, clearly have orders from on high to make certain that the truth does not get out."


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