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Today in Iraq: "Rumsfeld approved torture. ?Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, who was the head of detention operations at Abu Ghraib, told the Santa Clarita Signal that there are memos showing Rumsfeld approved tactics at the prison that were similar to those used at Guantanamo Bay -- including the use of military dogs, stripping and sensory deprivation.""


Today in Iraq: " 'As a former POW in Vietnam, I know what life in a foreign prison is like. To a large degree, I credit the Geneva Conventions for my survival. While the Vietnamese rarely abided by the rules, the international pressure on them to do so forced them to walk a line that ensured they did not perpetrate the sort of shocking abuses at Abu Ghraib.'"

Raed in the Middle: "the handover of the authorities took place in a small shelter in one of the basements of the green zone.
bremer, the new ugly Iraqi 'president', the cia agent 'P.M.', another couple of losers were standing in a small circle at the sunrise, clapping their hands and trying to smile

some hours later, bremer ran away in a black military plane

god, dont you call this a historical carnival?"


Today in Iraq: "U.S. commanders concede that they are far from quelling a stubborn and increasingly sophisticated insurgency."

Back to Iraq 3.0: "TIME has published a story on the new jihad that the resistance in Iraq is morphing into."

Back to Iraq 3.0: "Reaction handover ranges from jeers to jubiliation
By Christopher Allbritton"


Today in Iraq: "The news from Iraq is worse than ever. Government ministers, local officials and Iraqi police officers are murdered in broad daylight. American troop convoys are ambushed at roadsides. Foreign civilians are taken hostage and beheaded on an almost weekly basis."

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