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Back to Iraq 3.0: Uprising?

Today in Iraq: "More troops. ?In his confirmation hearing before the US Senate on Thursday, General George Casey - who will soon take over as the commander of coalition forces - said the US Central Command was planning for an increase in troop numbers in the face of the growing challenge. ?The insurgency is much stronger than I certainly would have anticipated,' he told the senators.?"

Occupation Watch:

A "new report by the Institute for Policy Studies and Foreign Policy in Focus offers evidence that we have paid a very high price for the war and have become less secure at home and in the world. "

Raed in the Middle: "The 30th of June is being marketed by the bush administration as THE day, the day that Iraqis are going to have their ?freedom? and take their brand new free Iraq on a plate of silver as we say in Arabic, in a very similar procedure of some ancient tribes having creepy ceremonies and making tattoos on the bodies of teenagers to announce their maturity and adulthood.

Doesn?t it need a bit more to announce our liberation?"


Today in Iraq: "Wolfie watch. ?Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz, a prime architect of the Bush administration's Iraq policy, said Tuesday that the Pentagon had underestimated the violent tenacity of an insurgency that formed after Baghdad fell, and he acknowledged that the United States may be forced to keep a significant number of troops in Iraq for years to come.?"

Occupation Watch:?Abu Ghraib torture 'was approved at senior military level': "Compelling new evidence emerged yesterday that torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib prison were either endorsed or encouraged high up the US military chain of command, and that complaints by at least five military policemen assigned to 'soften up' prisoners for interrogation were disregarded by their superiors for several months."

Raed in the Middle: "I really feel ashamed and disgusted seeing all of those heads falling down. Every new head that is cut shows how much we, seculars, are isolated and marginalized.

All of these feelings of anger after the occupation of Iraq, are being translated into more and more irresponsible violent reactions, but whom are we supposed to blame? "

Back to Iraq 3.0: Six days to go!


Today in Iraq: "Military judge declares Abu Ghraib a crime scene. ?A military judge on Monday declared the notorious Abu Ghraib prison a crime scene that cannot be demolished as President Bush had offered. He also refused to move the trial of a soldier accused of abusing inmates.?
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Wolfie?s sock puppet spews RNC talking points about media coverage. ?New Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawer explained his belief that 90 percent of what's happening in Iraq is good news, and 10 percent in bad. ?The media is magnifying the 10 percent, ignoring the 90 percent,? Yawer said."


Today in Iraq: "Ethnic cleansing. - The Kurdish migration appears to be causing widespread misery, with Arabs complaining of expulsions and even murders at the hands of Kurdish returnees."

Occupation Watch: "The much-hyped 'transfer of power' to a new Iraqi government is imminent. But, as usual, mainstream media outlets in the U.S. are missing the bigger picture. What kind of power will this new government have over the country's military, its laws, and its economy?"