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raed and the Irani: "i heard a rumour that the iranian regime had filtered all blogspot sub-domains, but i find that hard to believe, especially since there are many blogspot pages that are Pro-IRI. but it does seem that the regime is intensifying internet censorship. this is the latest list of sites that ISPs have been ordered to block."

Baghdad Burning: "Several of the new government actually have more than one nationality. Now don?t get me wrong- I hold nothing against people with dual or triple or whatever number of nationalities. I do, however, have something against people with dual nationality being a part of government. It makes one wonder how many Americans would actually agree to having a senator or minister with, say, a French or German passport along with the American one. "

Baghdad Burning: "For every four hours of no electricity, we get two hours of electricity. (...) The new government isn?t very different from the old Governing Council. Some of the selfsame Puppets, in fact. It?s amusing to watch our Karazai- Ghazi Ajeel Al-Yawer- trying to establish himself. It?s a bit of a predicament for many an Iraqi, and possibly foreigners too. Here he is- your typical Arab- the dark skin, dark hair and traditional ?dishdasha? wearing an ?iggall? on his head and playing the role of tribal sheikh quite well.



Raed in the Middle: "The National De-Baathification Committee decides to reintegrate more than 12,000 former Baath members to public service."