internationales weblog zum irak-konflikt, dem "krieg gegen terrorismus", etc.: fakten, meinungen, hintergr´┐Żnde
international blog on the conflict in iraq and "war on terrorism" and the like: facts, opinions, backgrounds


Occupation Watch:?STOP THE ESCALATION: "We demand that the United States face up to reality, unconditionally withdraw their troops from Iraq, and draw the necessary conclusions as to the unacceptable nature of preventive war. It is an illusion to ask that the U.S. forces remain until Iraq is pacified or stabilized, because their very presence is so hated that it constitutes the main obstacle to any sort of pacification.(...)
first provisional list of signatories (30.10.04)

Noam Chomsky, author, USA

Jean Bricmont, prof. of theoretical physics and political publicist, writer of this petition, Belgium

Lieven De Cauter, prof of philosophy, Belgium

Patrick Deboosere, demographer, Belgium


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