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MEMRI TV: "Egyptian Academics Discuss Arab and Islamic Culture

The Egyptian TV channel Al-Tanweer hosted several Egyptian academics for a discussion on Arab and Islamic culture in modern times. Among the guests were Salah Qansawa, professor of philosophy at at the Academy of the Arts, and Hassan Taleb, a poet and professor of philosophy at The Literature Academy of Hilwan University. The following are excerpts:
Host: We direct a message to the viewers. In our opinion, we should not be misled by this (Western) glitter. It is possible that they have a measure of...
Prof. Qansawa: Why do you call it a shine?
Host: I believe that it is glitter because although there is freedom (in the West), it is not complete freedom. In comparison, there is a group...
Prof. Qansawa: You mean that our freedom is better...
Host: We have a certain measure of justice but we need more freedom. What is your response?"

Read on...: MEMRI TV


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