internationales weblog zum irak-konflikt, dem "krieg gegen terrorismus", etc.: fakten, meinungen, hintergr´┐Żnde
international blog on the conflict in iraq and "war on terrorism" and the like: facts, opinions, backgrounds


Iraq & Iraqi`s: "When Faluja problems started I used to post daily, but now with the problems in Najaf I didn?t have the enough time to do so, beside this time the media was not so bad in reporting and putting the matter on TV stations as it was in Faluja. Even if they tried to make the rebels in Najaf look like resistance to the occupation, they always faced unreasonable acts from the armed men there and their leaders and a very bad example for an Iraqi mentality. So I was not so worry that Najaf problems would be misunderstood world wide, especially with an Iraqi government taking over from the coalition forces and a professional Iraqi media tried their best to give the facts and react against the opposite media."


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