internationales weblog zum irak-konflikt, dem "krieg gegen terrorismus", etc.: fakten, meinungen, hintergr´┐Żnde
international blog on the conflict in iraq and "war on terrorism" and the like: facts, opinions, backgrounds


iraq, raed in the middle: "The Friday prayer at Najaf was very interesting and important today, the speeches of AsSadr and the Supreme council for the Islamic revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) had a dramatic evolution, AsSadr threatens to start a Suiside Bombers War if Najaf was attacked, and I believe he can do a real REALY massive scale war using his militias of human bombs, and the SCIRI?s spokesman had a strong speech which can considered as an articulation in the Sadr-Hakim relationship, the speech criticized AsSadr and his Anti-American policy in a very strong way."


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