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From: Todd Swift
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2003 4:41 PM
Subject: Against War With Books - Please Forward To All Opposed To This War

March 21, 2003 - Please Forward - A Message From "100 Poets Against War" & Nthposition

Dear Friends, Fellow Poets, Peace Activists, and All Opposed To War,

It has been just 2 months since www.nthposition.com announced, on January 20, 2003, its "100 Poets Against The War" project for peace. We now are calling on people around the world to put a peace or anti-war book in their windows, at home, work, school, and in their cars. Send us the title and location to todd@toddswift.com and starting soon, all will be listed on the Nthposition site on a special page. We wish to match bombs of aggression with books of peace - as books are candles that never go out. We have received 100s of emails so far, and books are in windows around the world, from New Mexico to Ireland.

We also would like to ask you to share the news that 100 Poets Against The War is now the fastest-ever published book. Over 100 of the world's finest poetic voices, from around the world, have contributed to this beautiful book, from Salt. It is available at Amazon.com, US and UK.

We need to get this book into stores, and into people's hands, now, as its powerful and inspiring messages of poetry for peace bear witness to those who oppose this terrible US/UK-led war. All profits go to Amnesty International, to support its campaign against the arms trade. We have had difficulty getting the book to people, as a much larger company (Faber & Faber) has 6 salespeople on full time, pushing their work, which is not a grassroots book of peace poems, but a cynically-assembled collection of mainly ancient and traditional war poetry, much of it not event anti-war (see the Larkin and Yeats poems as examples). Yet it has sold 50,000 "units" in the last few weeks, while we struggle to get our anthology to the people - an anthology with many poems written expressly against the Bush regime and THIS WAR. May I add that the Guardian has called our anthology "remarkable". It continues to be available for free as a downloadable chapbook from www.nthposition.com - continuing our not-for-profit philosophy.

As Nthposition has worked tirelessly to get these superb poems, and vital peace projects to people everywhere in the world for the last 8 weeks, we ask for your support - to get our message across. Please get this book into stores, libraries and schools, in the next weeks. Let us show the masters of spin and warmonger-morality what words are for.

We at Nthposition have not given into despair at this dark time of illegal and cruel aerial bombardment. We continue to bear witness, supporting all those who oppose this war.


Todd Swift

Poetry Editor, Nthposition.com
Co-ordinator, "Book In Window" project
Editor, 100 Poets Against The War
(from Salt Publishing, Cambridge)

"A book is like a candle that never goes out"

Launches for 100 Poets Against The War
UK: London Launch held March 5
USA: Los Angeles Launch held March 7
USA: Austin Launches held March 9 & 10
France: Paris Launch held March 10
USA: New York Launch held March 14
Canada: Montreal Launch held March 16
Canada: Toronto Launch held March 19


Ireland: Galway Launch March 21 Town Hall Theatre
Canada: Ottawa Launch March 23 Quaker Meeting House
USA: San Francisco Launch March 30 Intersection For The Arts
USA: New York Reading March 31 Bowery Poetry Club
USA: Boston Launch CanTab Lounge April 2
(profits for Amnesty; available at Amazon.com)
Paris: Please Buy From Red Wheelbarrow


A Book For A Bomb - Poetry Peace Protest


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